Mission Statement




The aim of Mt. Olympus Improvement District is to:

•Protect human health and the environment by responsibly collecting, treating, disposing, or re- using the wastewater.

•Maintain a safe working environment at all times.

•Ensure the highest level of customer-valued service by:

1.Responding quickly to customer needs

2.using state-of-the-art technology and equipment

3.using innovative approaches to problem solving

4.anticipating future needs

5.being prepared for emergencies

•Promote a flexible work force by creating an environment for our employees which:

1.stimulates and nurtures long-term growth and development, both personally and professionally

2.focuses on a team-based approach that also emphasizes individual accountability

3.encourages training and skill development that results in job satisfaction

•Serves as a model for other organizations by:

1.being recognized as a competitive leader in the wastewater industry

2.maintaining and/or enhancing existing service levels

3.looking for opportunities to expand services where beneficial to our rate payers


These are our Guiding Principles:

•We respect all of our customers and are committed to providing them value and quality by ensuring fiscal accountability and using District’s resources in an ethical, efficient, and responsible manner.

•As an organization, we respect our employees for the valuable contributions they make. As employees we respect one another and view diversity as an asset.

•We strive for personal excellence by:

1.maintaining positive attitudes and open minds

2.encouraging creative and innovative thinking

3.nurturing an environment where employees feel free to experiment and grow

•To be an effective team, we:

1.make timely, informed decisions and support them

2.exchange information openly, honestly, and directly

3.value and encourage all employees’ input

4.look for ways to help each other

•We are individually and collectively responsible for the continuous improvement and success of the District, and hold ourselves accountable for our actions and deeds.
Adopted February 20, 1998