Lines Maintenance

Job Description

Job Title: Collection System Operator Intern/Trainee

Department: Operations Pay Grade: 9

Effective Date: 11/22



Performs a variety of entry-level skilled duties related to the maintenance and repair of the wastewater
collection system.
Works under the general supervision of the Line Superintendent, Assistant Line Superintendent, or Crew
Conducts daily manhole surveys to check for damaged lids and rings; operates a variety of hand and power
tools and equipment as needed to install, maintain and repair manholes, grates, etc.; replaces or resets
manholes as needed to bring them up to road grade; may perform as a safety flagman during highway
Travels district collection system routes to monitor line conditions, observes system flow, may take flow
meter readings and removes debris and obstructions to prevent line back-ups and property damage.
Drives and operates district heavy and technical equipment in the maintenance, construction, and repair of
district main and lateral sewer lines; including, backhoe/loader, jet flusher/vacuum, jet flusher/non-vac,
rodder, TV truck; drives and operates boom truck, dump truck(s), and water truck.
Performs line cleaning and flushing; may enter manholes to remove obstructions; utilizes various equipment
and apparatus in the daily performance of projects, including early warning devices, harness, winch, gas
detector, pumps, compressor, compactor, and forklift.
Performs general and routine maintenance on assigned equipment; assures compliance with all safety
requirements related to various types of equipment.
Performs building and grounds maintenance; participates in the loading of field data into computer
applications as needed to retrieve information and statistics.
Performs related duties as required.

1. Education and Experience:
A. Graduation from a standard senior high school;
B. No experience necessary, but preferred
2. Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Working knowledge of basic hand and power tools required to install and maintain the pipeline.
Some knowledge of basic hygiene, basic automotive mechanics, and hydraulics.
Ability to adapt to emergency or unusual situations; tolerate weather extremes in the workplace;
communicate effectively, verbally, and in writing; perform strenuous manual labor; develop
effective working relationships with supervisors, co-workers, and the public; and ability to lift 70 lbs.
3. Special Qualifications
Must work toward a Wastewater Systems Operator certification (at least grade I).
Must obtain a valid Utah State CDL, including air brake and tanker endorsements.
Must be willing to work shift schedules, on-call, and 24-hour standby on a rotating basis.
Must obtain Flagman Traffic Control Certification during the training period.
Must obtain other certifications as required.
Daily exposure to hazardous conditions such as working in traffic and around manholes; daily
potential for hazardous exposure to methane, hydrogen sulfide, and chlorine gases; daily potential
for hazardous exposure to oxygen-deficient atmosphere; daily exposure to seasonal changes and
weather extremes; daily potential for hazardous exposure to electrical shock, industrial wastes and
raw sewage (containing pathogens such as typhoid, paratyphoid, dysentery, polio, tetanus, etc.);
daily exposure to moving parts and equipment such as pumps, motors, heavy equipment, etc.;
daily exposure to stressful environmental conditions such as dust, fumes, dampness, cold, heat
and noise.

Disclaimer: The above statements describe the general nature, level, and type of work performed by the incumbent(s) assigned to this
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